It’s been rather busy for me, and I’ve neglected my postings. Sorry about that. I am striving to do better. I would so enjoy hearing from some of you and your stories about your experiences in Nursing Homes and Hospitals. For any of you Administrators out there – let’s hear from you. What do you feel about the regulations, the nursing home and hospital surveyors and the deficiencies you get. Some of you get fines too, for all sorts of things.  I’d like to hear from Hospital patients and Nursing Home Residents too. What have you experienced? Did you ever see a survey happening, and if so, what were your impressions. Are there any new surveyors out there? What are your thoughts about the learning process for you. How about you more experienced surveyors – have you an encouraging story to share about how you have helped improve care for someone? Let’s hear it all!

Complaints too, we can share them all here in order to provide you the public, the ideal place to ask questions and get answers.

I hope to hear from you soon!


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