Previously I started sharing a bit of information with you about the nursing home survey and how a nursing home surveyor prepares to conduct a survey. I want to continue to give you a short overview of the preparation of the nursing home survey process.

The standard survey in a nursing facility is composed of Tasks, just like the Hospital Survey has tasks. The QIS Standard Survey has 9 Tasks and the Traditional Standard Survey has 7 Tasks. Both versions of the survey process are resident-centered, outcome-oriented inspections that rely on variety in the sample of residents in order to determine if the facility is in compliance with skilled nursing facility participation requirements. Outcomes include both actual and potential negative outcomes, as well as failure of a facility to help residents achieve their highest practicable level of well-being.


  • A standard survey determines a variety of things, including:
  • The nursing home’s compliance with residents’? rights and quality of life requirements;
  • The accuracy of residents’ comprehensive assessments and the adequacy of the care plans the nursing facility did;
  • The quality of care and services furnished by the nursing facility; and
  • The effectiveness of the nursing facility?s physical environment to empower residents to be as independent as possible, to accommodate resident needs, and to maintain resident safety.


If the nursing home surveyors determine that the facility is providing a substandard quality of care in any one or more specific categories, the survey can be extended. Those areas that can be determined to have substandard quality of care are:

  • Resident Behavior and Facility Practices (42 CFR 483.13);
  • Quality of Life (42 CFR 483.15); and/or
  • Quality of Care (42 CFR 483.25)

Extending the survey means the nursing home survey team will spend more time at the facility and expand the areas of focus and the number of residents they will look at.

There are some other survey types in addition to the Standard and the Extended survey. These types are: Abbreviated Standard Survey (which focuses on particular tasks and areas), Partial Extended Survey, (which is conducted if substandard quality of care is found during an abbreviated survey), and a Post-Survey Revisit or Follow-Up survey, which is conducted to see if the facility corrected the violations found on the previous survey.

As you can see, there is much to a nursing home survey process. In the next post, we will continue the discussion on the nursing home and hospital surveyors process during a survey.

Keep safe and informed!


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