I am in the midst of explaining some concepts to you about how a nursing home surveyor prepares to conduct a nursing home survey. This is Part 3. I talked a little about the two forms of Survey, the QIS survey and the Standard survey. I want to explain, now, the Tasks for the QIS nursing home survey that the nursing home surveyors must do.

The QIS Tasks are:

  • Task 1: Offsite Survey Preparation. This includes an initial resident sample selection. During this task the nursing home surveyors also review files, previous complaints and surveys, and other information in order to be familiar with the issues the nursing home survey team might encounter while at the nursing home.
  • Task 2: Onsite Preparatory Activities and Entrance Conference. This is where the nursing home survey team lets the facility know what to expect during the survey. The team gathers additional paperwork and nursing facility information and continues to develop the plan for the survey.
  • Task 3: The Initial Tour. Upon entering a nursing facility the nursing home surveyors do a tour of the facility prior to commencing with the investigative portion of the survey. This is different than a Hospital survey in that hospital surveys do not have an initial tour.
  • Task 4: Stage I Survey Tasks. These include finalizing the sample selection, conducting nursing home survey team meetings, gathering information, reviewing records, and interviewing staff, residents, and families.
  • Task 5: Non-Staged Survey Tasks. This includes more interviews, reviews of policies and procedures, Abuse Prohibition review, Quality Assessment and Assurance review, observation of the food services, and reviews of billing.
  • Task 6: Transition From Stage I to Stage II. During this stage of the QIS process the nursing home survey team updates the resident sample, reviews what was found in Stage I, puts data into the laptop and reviews the analysis of the findings (the QCI’s mentioned previously)
  • Task 7: Stage II Survey Tasks. This is again composed of more sampled resident reviews, team meetings, more investigation, observation of the Medication administration, Environmental observations, reviews of resident funds, reviews of admission, transfer and discharge issues, and facility staffing.
  • Task 8: Analysis and Decision-Making. This is where all the information is integrated and analyzed in order to determine what areas are non compliant.
  • Task 9: Exit Conference. This is where the nursing home surveyor and the team provide information about their preliminary findings to the nursing home.

In the next post we will continue with the process a Nursing Home and Hospital Surveyor follows when conducting a nursing home survey.

Keep informed and keep safe!


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