One thing that is becoming more prevalent is healthcare consumers becoming more aware. The Internet has a wealth of information for consumers, and  sorting through and making use of that information is how each of us can be more active in directing our own healthcare. Healthwatch MD put out a video on the concept of patient as part of the healthcare team. No longer is the team just the doctor and nurses, now it is everyone, doctors, nurses, social workers, clergy, therapists, family and patients, to name just a few. Take a few moments to watch Dr. Leigh Hamby, chief medical officer for Piedmont Healthcare, discuss this concept.

Hospital Safety: You are Part of Your Healthcare Team

Remember, to be your own advocate!


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3 Responses to “You are part of your healthcare team!”

  1. Colleen Wietmarschen Says:

    We do have to be our advocates; imperative especially in today’s healthcare world. Important information shared. Thanks.

  2. Alisha Robinson Says:

    Excellent article. It is so important that patients take an active role in their own health and safety!

  3. Dana Says:

    Hi Jennifer! Nice video. Ask questions a don’t make any assumptions.

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