Pateint Safety is important in the nursing home, hospital and any healthcare facility. Nursing Home and Hospital Surveyors do look at patient safety as they do surveys and investigations in those healthcare facilities. Processes change as we become more knowledgable about healthcare issues. Here is a historical look at scientific improvements over the last 2,000 years related to patient safety, the lack of which happens to be the 5th leading cause of death in the United States.

The Evolution of Patient Safety
Source: Accelerated Nursing Degrees

Remember, you must be your own advocate in order to stay safe in a healthcare facility.


4 Responses to “Patient Safety Advancements over the years.”

  1. Diane @ Me, Him And The Cats Says:

    Our county uses e-record and it links all your medical information together, no matter what office or hospital you are at. Any time you visit a new dr / office you just sign a form that allows them access to your file and add to it. Its great because then any doctor you visit knows your entire medical history!

  2. Mike Gardner Says:

    This is something that has been a big issue for UK based healthcare facilities over recent years

  3. Retha Groenewald Says:

    Intersting post. The history of patient safety is fascinating.

  4. Jan Vu Says:

    The most effective way to protect people in a nursing home from abusive nurses is to have video surveillance.

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