A pressure ulcer can occur wherever circulation to the tissues of the body has been compromised by pressure. The staff in a nursing home must identify the individual resident at risk for developing pressure ulcers. The staff must also identify and evaluate each resident’s risk factors and changes in the resident’s condition. They must identify and evaluate factors that can be removed or modified and they must implement interventions to attempt to stabilize, reduce, or remove underlying risk factors. These interventions are to be individualized to each resident’s needs. The staff must monitor the impact of the interventions that were developed and then change or adjust the interventions if they don’t work and when they need to be modified. The nursing home staff must recognize and evaluate each resident’s risk factors and identify and evaluate all areas at risk of constant pressure.

In order to do this the nursing home should have a complete assessment program for an effective pressure ulcer prevention and treatment program. A comprehensive individual evaluation helps the facility to identify residents at risk of developing pressure ulcers, identify the level and nature of risk(s), and identify the presence of pressure ulcers. The nursing home can then use the information to develop and implement a comprehensive care plan that reflects each resident’s identified needs.

A Nursing Home Surveyor will look for a system or process to assure: assessments and interventions are appropriate, timely, implemented, monitored, and changed as needed. They will look for a process that ensures any change in condition is recognized, evaluated, reported to the doctor or Nurse Practitioner, and that the change is addressed. In addition, the Nursing Home Surveyor will look to see if the quality assessment and assurance committee helps the nursing home in the development and monitoring of processes and ensuring they follow accepted standards of practice.

Be safe and be informed!


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