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I’m an investigator – a surveyor of healthcare facilities for one of the largest states in the United States. In my career as a medical professional (nurse) and investigator I have seen many many things – both good and bad. I know what to ask, where to go, and how to get the best care. I know where to find the things that are swept under the rug. In my years of investigating I’ve had staff try to deceive me – and sometimes they are so good at hiding facts, parlaying words and saying one thing while doing another- that they have been successful in “dodging the bullet”. This is not to say all providers have done this. Most providers are trying to do a good job, but even then, you still have to know what to look for and how to protect yourself. I’m going to help you do that. I’m going to help you become familiar with what you need to know to protect yourself, your family, and your friends. You have to be your own advocate in the healthcare faciltities today. Don’t count on someone else – you and your family MUST work together to ensure you get the best care possible. Everyone is human and facilities are working with fewer staff, less money, more technology, and more regulations. This equates to more potential problems. Due diligence on the part of every healthcare provider, professional, and consumer is of paramount importance in keeping YOU and YOURs safe in the healthcare environment!

Watch out! Protect yourself!


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  1. John Barton Says:

    [NOTE: Nursing Home Surveyor has not and is not promoting the product mentioned in this comment but is allowing it to go through into the comments so the readers can learn about it. Nursing Home Surveyor suggests you always do your due diligence prior to buying any products]



    A new reality is upon us. Elderly, acutely and chronically ill patients are on the move, more so then ever.They move between the hospital,their doctors, assisting living, nursing homes and sometimes back home.This cycle is repeated often and spontaneously, predicated on the nature of the health issues of the patient.

    Many of these individuals are immuno-compromised and therefore highly susceptible to a number of drug resistant Healthcare Acquired Infections that are now becoming Community Based Infections. They are, in some cases, even more virulent. A MRSA, C-Diff, VRE or Norovirus outbreak can decimate the patient population in an assisted living facility, not to mention the additional threat to the employees, contractors that work there, and family members of the residents. There are ways to help stop these dangerous and debilitating infection outbreaks dead in their tracks.

    One choice is made by Med Effect, Inc. who, with specialists and service providers nationwide, offers the Sanosil Halo Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging System, which can be used for room/area or equipment decontamination.The Sanosil Halo Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging System is colorless, odorless, quiet, and effective. The Halo Fogging System assures a homogeneous mist of ionized particles that gets to areas that regular cleaning can’t or don’t reach, to include high touch areas around doors, behind window treatments , and even under desks and beds. The Halo Fogging System will kill 99.99 % of bacteria, viruses, and fungi to include,but not limited to, MRSA,VRE’s, Norovirus and C-Diff.,on pre-cleaned surfaces, without harming sensitive electronics, surfaces or substrates.

    The Sanosil Halo Fogging System is EPA Registered, No. 84526-1.For additional information. please refer to our web site at http://www.medeffect360.com and our industrial video at http://www.youtube.com/medeffect .


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